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Get Strong at Handicap Go (Get Strong at Go Series, Vol. 9) (Beginner and Elementary Go Books)

Título:      Get Strong at Handicap Go (Get Strong at Go Series, Vol. 9) (Beginner and Elementary Go Books)
Categorías:      Go
LibroID:      62
Autores:      Nagahara Yoshiaki , Richard Bozulich
ISBN-10(13):      4906574599
Editorial:      Kiseido Publishing Co
Fecha de publicación:      1998-08-01
Edición:      1
Number of pages:      182
Idioma:      Inglés
Precio:      35.01 USD
Valoración:      0 
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A fundamental technique that every go player must learn is how to use thickness to make territory, and the fastest way to master this technique i to study handicap go. This is because the handicap stones on the star points are influence oriented, so you must play for thickness and central influence instead of immediately going for territory. Moreover, your initial advantage as black in a handiap game makes it easy to build thickness and, since white will have weak stones, you can use your thickness to attack them while making territory.

This book will show you how to do this. The problems are taken from actual games and there are two to four problems for each game. For this reason these problems will be useful even for stronger players who want to improve their ability in giving handicaps. All the standard handicaps are covered, from nine to two stones, so whatever your strength, you will find the material in this book invaluable.


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