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Dictionary of Basic Fuseki Vol. 2

Título:      Dictionary of Basic Fuseki Vol. 2
Categorías:      Go
LibroID:      81
Autores:      Rin Kaiho
ISBN-10(13):      188955488X
Editorial:      Yutopian Enterpries
Fecha de publicación:      2005-01-25
Number of pages:      510
Idioma:      Inglés
Precio:      498.04 USD
Valoración:      0 
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Descripción:      Product Description
The purpose of this book is to help a Go player accomplish some objectives (learn the basic language and elements of Go; understand what is happening on the Go grid and develop their Go analytical reading ability) by studying and learning the historical development of basic Star Point Fuseki that equally divides a grid. In this book, the principal opening maneuvers are classified, and games considered representative types have been selected and analyzed for the reader’s perusal. If the read can grasp the players’ initial conceptions and struggles to find the best plays on the board, as well as the experience and efforts to that end that have been accumulated, the value of this opening dictionary is greatly enhanced, and nothing could be more gratifying to the author.


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