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Strategic Fundamentals in Go

Título:      Strategic Fundamentals in Go
Categorías:      Go
LibroID:      102
Autores:      Steven J.C. Mays , Lu Wen , Tisheng Guo
ISBN-10(13):      1889554502
Editorial:      Yutopian Enterprises
Fecha de publicación:      1999-05-18
Edición:      1
Number of pages:      167
Idioma:      Inglés
Precio:      35.01 USD
Valoración:      0 
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Descripción:      Product Description
Strategic Fundamentals in Go is the first book of its kind of offer a Chinese perception on the fundamentals of strategy in go. The author, Guo Tisheng (1907-1989), was a renown Chinese player and the teacher of many famous players, including Nie WeiPing. In this book, Guo talks about ten important lessons in go, namely, sente vs. gote, big vs. small points, attack vs. defense, life vs. death, big vs. small territories, saving vs. sacrificing stones, light vs. heavy shapes, slack moves vs. urgent points, standard moves vs. flexible variations, and persistence vs. playing safe. These ten lessons cover the many conflicting situations that are frequently encountered when playing go. Sente allows a player to maintain the initiative, but it gives his opponent an opportunity to counter-attack; gote on the other hand, forsakes the initiative, but it builds a solid foundation for future attacks. Light moves are flexible, yet they sometimes form loose shapes; heavy moves are inflexible, but they are solid. Thickness leads to profit, but there is a danger of forming overdeveloped shapes; thinness is weak, but more flexible. Making life is safe, yet one loses sente; leaving a precarious group unattended is dangerous, but one gets sente. Thus, the key issues of initiative, profit, safety, and the life and death of groups must all be harmonized within one global, strategic framework. When separated from this global framework, these issues lose their meaning, and the game loses direction. With the aid of many illustrations, this book helps the reader to master these issues and become a stronger player.


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