4th Latin-American Youth Go Championship

4th Latin-American Youth Go Championship

(NB: The following is preliminary information. It will be updated by the end of July 2022)

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Welcome to the 4th Latin American Youth Go Championship! 

Please read this page carefully and if you have any queries contact the TD at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


These tournaments are aimed at players who have not reached 18 years of age at the time of the 4th. Latin American Go Congress, who were born or reside in any Latin American country and who have the endorsement of any FIG school, academy, club, federation or member association. In case of not having an endorsement, the organizers may request documentation to verify identity.

Players must be registered by an adult who is responsible for the player's participation. The adult must accompany the youngster in person during the tournament.

In principle, the following tournaments will be played:

  • 4th Latin-American Youth Go Championship (U-18) - Board size 19x19 
  • Promotional Youth Tournament (U-18) - Board size 9x9

Date and time: 

  • These tournaments will be played on Friday 7 from 2PM to 8PM.

Schedule (preliminar):

  • Tournament 19 x 19 - October, Friday 7 - 2PM
    • Round 1 - 2 PM
    • Round 2 - 3 PM
    • Round 3 - 4 PM
    • Round 4 - 5 PM
  • Tournament 9 x 9 - October, Friday 7 - 7PM
    • Round 1 - 7.00 PM
    • Round 2 - 7.20 PM
    • Round 3 - 7.40 PM

NB:  These are face-to-face tournaments at the Congress venue and it will not be possible to play online if the participant is not attending the 4th Latin American Go Congress.

As of now it is enough to register by showing your interest in participating in a Youth Tournament.